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adamant, adherent, adhesive, amylaceous, assiduous, balking, balky, bigoted, bound, bound and determined, bulldogged, bulldoggish, bulldoggy, bulletheaded, bullheaded, cartilaginous, case-hardened, chewy, clabbered, clammy, clinging, clingy, clotted, coagulated, cohesive, committed, constant, continuing, coriaceous, curdled, decided, decisive, dedicated, definite, determined, devoted, diligent, dogged, dogmatic, doughy, durable, earnest, enduring, faithful, fanatic, fibrous, firm, fixed, game, gamy, gaumy, gelatinous, glairy, gluelike, gluey, glutenous, glutinose, glutinous, good, gooey, grasping, gripping, gristly, gritty, grumous, gumbo, gumbolike, gumlike, gummous, gummy, gutsy, gutty, hard, hardheaded, hardy, headstrong, heavy, holding, immovable, immutable, inalterable, indefatigable, indomitable, industrious, inflexible, insistent, inspissated, intolerant, intransigent, invincible, jelled, jellied, jellylike, keeping, lasting, leatherlike, leathery, loyal, maintaining, mettlesome, mucilaginous, mulish, nervy, never-tiring, obdurate, obstinate, opinionated, overzealous, pasty, patient, patient as Job, permanent, perseverant, persevering, persistent, persisting, pertinacious, pigheaded, plodding, plucky, plugging, preoccupied, purposeful, rapt, red-blooded, refractory, relentless, resistant, resolute, resolved, restive, retaining, retentive, rigid, ropy, secure, sedulous, self-adhesive, self-willed, serious, set, sincere, sinewy, single-minded, slabby, sleepless, slimy, slithery, slogging, spirited, spiritful, spunky, stable, stalwart, starchy, staunch, steadfast, steady, stickable, sticky, stiff, stiff-necked, stodgy, stout, stringy, strong, strong-minded, strong-willed, strongheaded, stubborn, sturdy, sulky, sullen, syrupy, tacky, thick, thickened, tight, tireless, tough, tough as leather, tremelloid, tremellose, TRUE, unabating, uncompromising, unconquerable, uncooperative, undaunted, undiscouraged, undrooping, unfailing, unfaltering, unflagging, unflinching, unintermitting, uninterrupted, unnodding, unregenerate, unrelaxing, unrelenting, unremitting, unshakable, unshakeable, unshaken, unsleeping, unswerving, untiring, unwavering, unwearied, unwearying, unwinking, unyielding, utterly attentive, vigorous, viscid, viscose, viscous, weariless, wholehearted, willful, wiry|

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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